Jazz Flexible Instrumentation

Jazz Combo Charts with Flexible Instrumentation:

Each of these Jazz Combo Charts can be played with a 4, 5 or 6 horn ensemble. The standard 4 horn ensemble includes: Alto Sax 1, Tenor Sax 1, Trumpet 1 and Trombone 1. Simply add the Baritone Sax as the 5th part and Trumpet 2 as the 6th part. If you want to add a 7th part, most of these charts sound great with the Flute as the 7th part which doubles the Trumpet 1 and is pitched one octave above. Other additional parts are included so you can mix and match the horn section for the instrumentation you have available. The rhythm section consists of guitar, piano, bass, drums and in some cases auxiliary percussion. The Piano part is written so that a novice jazz pianist could play it by simply reading the part as written or a more advanced player could use the chord symbols to ad-lib the comp. In some cases the piano part includes written in fills to give the novice player an idea of what could be done. The Guitar part has nothing but chord symbols on it but does include a suggested rhythm for the comp to give the player an idea of how to comp each style. The Bass part is written out but also includes chord symbols for an ad-lib Bass-line. (Most of the Funk and Latin numbers should probably be played as written.)The Drum part is written out and includes some written fills and kicks. The more difficult the chart, the more the drum part is filled in. Most of our charts have an open solo section for extended play with the chord symbols in all parts so that any player has the chance to solo. At the very least they include one ad-lib section for an opportunity to solo. There are enough parts included so you can try to play these charts with your big band by simply doubling every part. These charts are great for a smaller band program that has a limited number of players available but would still like to have a Jazz Program or they can be used by a school with an established Jazz Program but might want to start an elite Jazz ensemble.

Standard Part Configuration:

(14 or 15 Horns parts in all.)  Part One: Trumpet 1, Alto Sax 3 (Optional) and Flute; Part Two: Alto Sax 1 and Trumpet 3; Part Three: Tenor Sax 1, Trombone 2 and French Horn; Part Four: Trombone 1 and Tenor Sax 2; Part Five: Baritone Sax, Trombone 3 and Baritone T.C.; Part Six: Trumpet 2 and Alto Sax 2; Rhythm Section: Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. Additional Parts sometimes include Aux Percussion and Guitar 2. You could use a Soprano Sax, a Clarinet or a Flugelhorn instead of a Trumpet; an Euphonium instead of a trombone. You could use six saxes as the six horn or six brass. Whatever instrumentation you have!