Concert Band-Level 2 & Up

Level 2 compositions are written so that your second year band can play them. As with all of our compositions, we try to challenge each section of the band to keep them interested. We particularly make it a point to challenge the percussion section and the lower brass.


#10023 | 11th Hour / 65.00 11th Hour Live

Intensity! This modal concert festival piece features a huge ensemble section in Dorian mode with an interlude featuring solos by the piccolo, 1st flute, 2nd flute, clarinet, bassoon and horn in Phrygian mode. As with most of Bob Turner’s pieces there is a large percussion section and they play often. The mallet part is written for marimba but can also be played by the xylophone. Some ranges might require a level 4 ensemble but it should be able to be played by a good level 3 band.

11th Hour–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 3 composition.


#10007 | And the Trumpets Sound / 50.00 And the Trumpets Sound Live

(Harder version) This level two version of the original march composed by Bob Turner is very similar to the level one version however it utilizes some syncopation and a two-beat triplet. Dotted-eighth followed by a sixteenth is used in the percussion section. If you are looking for a quality march for your level two band, this is it!

And The Trumpets Sound–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for the Level 2 Version


The Arrival

#10010 | The Arrival / 65.00 Arrival Live

The Arrival is a Level 3 Concert March composed by Bob Turner. This is a 6/8 march with a driving beat in the percussion section and lower brass. There is a slow section in the middle which includes a slow march section. We then return to the original theme and the finale. This is not your usual concert march.

The Arrival–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 3 composition.



#10017 | Dance of the Seven Veils L4 / 65.00 Dance of the Seven Veils L4 Live

An original composition by Bob Turner taken from his level one composition by the same name and expanded into a much more difficult version. This composition will keep six percussionists very busy. Pitched percussion includes xylophone, vibes and chimes with the xylophone getting a real workout. Solo sections include piccolo, oboe, english horn (cued in the Alto Sax), bassoon (cued in the Baritone Sax) and tuba.

Dance of the Seven Veils Level 4 –SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 4 Composition.


#10022 | Innesfree / 65.00 Innesfree of County Sligo Live

Innesfree is a town in County Sligo, Ireland and was made famous in the 1952 movie “The Quiet Man”. This Concert Festival piece has several solos and small ensemble sections including a woodwind quartet and a brass ensemble. Piccolo, Oboe and Trumpet have featured solos. There are three separate sections in this wonderfully sentimental piece including a Lullaby section in the middle and an Irish Jig finale!

Innesfree–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 3 composition.


#10021 | Onward, We Go / 55.00 Onward We Go Live

This Level 2 Concert March by Bob Turner features dotted eighth followed by sixteenth patterns as well as some syncopation. The lower brass will really get a workout with some very interesting parts for them to play including the melody line at one point. The snare drum part gets a little tricky. This march is written in the Sousa style with a trio and a DS al coda.

Onward, We Go–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 2 Composition.

#10028 | Sanctus Variants / 65.00 Sanctus Variants

Sanctus Variants–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 3 Composition.



#10019 | Shufflin Down to Memphis / 65.00 Shufflin Down to Memphis Live

Jazz Improv Series for Concert Band: If you want to introduce your band to Jazz Improvisation, then here’s your chance! Bob Turner has composed this 12 bar blues chart that includes an open solo section where everyone in the band who wants a chance to improv, can do it. Optional percussion section parts will allow you to use either your percussion section with the Tuba playing the bass part or you can substitute them for an actual drum set and bass (upright or electric) to allow for greater authenticity. This composition is not just a rehearsal piece. It’s good enough to play in a concert setting. There are composer’s notes included to help the band director help the student’s through the improv process.

Shufflin Down to Memphis–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 4 Composition.



#10018 | Taking Flight / 55.00 Taking Flight Live

This Fanfare and March by Bob Turner features every section of the band at one time or another. First the Trumpets and Saxes, next the Percussion. After that the lower brass is featured in the relative minor section. There is also a three part counterpoint section in the middle. The fanfare returns us to the top. This piece requires five percussionists to play.

Taking Flight–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 2 Composition


#10020 | Traveler / 65.00 Traveler Live

A PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE within your concert band. This level 4 Concert Festival piece includes a full percussion ensemble imbedded within it which requires at least 9 percussionists to perform all of the parts. Xylophone, Marimba, Vibes, Chimes, Timpani, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Triangle and Tamborine parts will keep them busy throughout. There is a one minute percussion ensemble feature section in the middle. You’re going to need several players who can handle the keyboard percussion instruments to perform this composition by Bob Turner.

Traveler–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 4 Composition


#10009 | Variation on Good King Wenceslas / 65.00 Variations on Good King Wenceslas Live

Have you ever heard Good King Wenceslas in 7/8? Or a three part cannon in 7/8? How about a piccolo, bassoon and tuba trio with the piccolo and tuba playing the melody five octaves apart? Don’t forget the woodwind quintet in the middle! Bob Turner uses everything but the kitchen sink in these variations. A great level 4 piece.

Variation on Good King Wenceslas–SCORE / 8.00 ea.

Extra Score for this Level 4 Composition